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Conflict International is a versatile detective agency of highly skilled investigators and security professionals.

New York Private Detective

Conflict International specialize in mobilising covert surveillance and counter-surveillance teams.

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Family Law

Our family law team specialize in assisting US and international high net worth and high profile individuals through difficult times.

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Conflict International produce in depth due diligence reports to establish validities, background information and assets of companies and individuals in the US and internationally.

We provide the necessary data to give you the edge in your business dealings and investments.

Our investigations will assist in cases of:

  • Acquisition and merger
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation
  • Corporate and Financial Transactions
  • Financial checks
  • Investments (Business and Personal)
  • International debtor tracing
  • Competitive intelligence
  • International asset tracing
  • Employee vetting
  • Fraud Prevention and Detection
  • Pre-sue reports
  • Arbitration Proceedings

Conflict International Inc is an independent corporate intelligence consultancy specializing in corporate and private investigations, due diligence, intellectual property disputes and surveillance operations..

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